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Instant Jaggery Sharbat


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Replace White sugar added drinks with India Ka Desi Drink.

(Ready to Serve Beverage)

Ingredients: Organic Jaggery powder, dried mint leaves, lemon powder,
tamarind powder+SiO2 E-551

Note: No added sugar, color & flavor’s, Serving Size 20gm (Powder)

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Instant Jaggery Sharbat Lab testing per 20 gm/mg:

1) Energy- 74.70
2) Protein- 0.16
3) Carbohydrate- 18.52
4) Fat- 0
5) Trans Fat- 0
6) Vitamin B3- 1.07
7) Vitamin C- 3.88
8) Iron- 1.01
9) Calcium- 176.27

Benefits of Instant Jaggery Sharbat :

1) Helps in digestion
2) Helps in weight loss
3) Immunity Booster
4) Control bad breath
5) Great source of energy
6) Helps in increasing hemoglobin
7) Helps in bone strengthening.

Direction to use:
1) Pour Organika 1 Sachet Instant Jaggery Sharbat in a tall glass.
2) Add cold water (200ml) stir, add ice cubes (Optional).
3) Your Sugar free healthy Organika Instant Jaggery Sharbat drink is ready.
4) For tangy taste & fizz, add soda 50ml cold water 150 ml.


Why Instant Jaggery Sharbat is a unique product?

India ka desi drink, Gud ka Sharbat is a unique product because of its
ingredients, color, taste and free flow texture.
For the first time in the history of Jaggery, we succeeded in controlling the
moisture, bringing it to zero and making it as an instant, ready to take
beverage (Free flow powder form)
Sachet 20gm -1 serving
Easy to consume




Cherry on the cake is that it has no added sugar, no artificial flavors, no
preservatives and absolutely no color. Only natural and organic ingredients
are used to make Instant Jaggery Sharbat.
It is a research product of Prakrati Organic Food’s. We have been working on
it since last 2 years. For a fact, we are well aware that Jaggery is hygroscopic
in nature. The biggest challenge was to control the moisture of jaggery.
After n number of experiments for almost 25 months, we had a Herculean
win by bringing down the moisture of Jaggery to zero. The greatest
complement to our achievement is that we derived at our desirable result
through a complete natural process.
It has a pure sweet taste of jaggery and khatta-meetha taste of imli and
nimbu, with refreshing mint leaves.
In the coming future, we also plan to create more amazing and tempting
flavours like Jaggery with Kachcha Aam.

1 review for Instant Jaggery Sharbat

  1. Rishabh

    enjoyed the instant jaggery sharbat. Everything, including the taste and presentation, is worth the cost.

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