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Prakrati Organic Food is a leading & top food company of India. Prakrati Organic Food provides best quality Organic & natural food products in bulk & retail trade. We are doing export of Organic food and products since 2012. Prakrati Organic Food gives employment to more than 100 families and always focuses on doing good for the society in form of providing great and pure food, employement to many people, promote women empowerment, has around 200+ women workers, give good returns to farmers and always do good for the mankind.


We aim to continuously elevate the standards of organic food production, fostering a culture of trust and transparency with our customers. By combining traditional wisdom with modern practices, we strive to provide exceptional products that not only nourish the body but also uplift the spirit, making every moment vibrant and wholesome.


At Prakrati Organic Food, our mission is to cultivate and deliver the purest organic products, ensuring every item meets our stringent quality standards. We are dedicated to promoting health, sustainability, and joy through our meticulously crafted organic food and Holi Gulal, nurturing a community that values authenticity and well-being.


Our vision is to be a beacon of excellence in the organic food industry, leading the way with innovation and integrity. We aspire to create a healthier world where the essence of nature’s bounty is celebrated and cherished, inspiring generations to embrace a lifestyle rooted in wellness and environmental stewardship.

Our Team

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Dr Roopesh Kumar

Managing Director

Dr Ranjana

Dr Ranjana

Chief Executive Officer & Founder


Dev Chandra

Chief Technology Officer

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